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Parenting classes are directed toward giving advice to new parents, or anyone seeking parenting advice. However, that advice is not only about ways to handle your childís behavior, but also on how to better manage your time as parents. There are all types of families in todayís world - two-parent households, single parent households, step-parents and step-siblings. In a traditional two-parent household, itís important for both parents to work as a team raising their children and parenting classes may help with this. Parenting classes are vital for teen parents, and can be of much assistance to a young couple and their first baby. However, itís never too old for parenting classes. Even grandparents may benefit from advice from a professional if they play a large role in the childís life. Parenting classes are also not only for advice for babies and toddlers. When a child reaches the teen years, a whole new set of issues arise for parents.

Parenting classes provide instruction to first time parents on everyday activities such as eating, bathing, changing diapers, ways to deal with stress, how to calm and sooth your baby, skills to handle the day to day work involved with raising a child. Many people take parenting for granted, but it is a full time job and requires certain skills such as time management and multi-tasking, not to mention a great deal of patience, strength and discipline. You want your child to become an independent adult, capable of caring for themselves and function in society. However, parenting classes can also help you learn how to boost your childís self-confidence, make wise choices and decision making skills. Advice may also be given on dealing with traumatic life experiences such as the death of a relative or beloved family pet.

For information on parenting classes in your community, contact your local hospitalís public education department. Some communityís have non-profit parenting organizations that offer classes. There are also many resources online.


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